Twelve Days - 1769 Exhibition

Date: 1st October 2019, 10am to 4pm daily
Venue: Mercury Bay Museum 

‘Twelve Days – 1769’ is those momentous events as noted by Cook and Banks in their journals and the traditional oral history of Ngāti Hei.

They will be reflected by twelve objects for twelve days and will look at the background to these events and to those first historic meetings between Captain James Cook, the crew and the people of Te Whanganui o Hei, led by the great Ngāti Hei chief, Toawaka.

This is a permanent display which will remain in the museum from the start of October on.

He rae ki te rae, he ihu ki te ihu,
Te hau ka rere, te ha ka tau

A meeting of peoples, a mixing of cultures,
a blending of heritage, a sharing of future