Tuia 250 in the media 25 Aug - 7 Sep

Tuia 250 programme 

Northland's plans to mark 250 years gathers momentum 

Whaitiri expands on suggestion of official day for ‘Turanga land wars’ 


Hopes more young New Zealanders learn traditional navigation

Emerging navigators learn ancient art of way-finding 

James Cook/ other items of interest 

Why the old view of Captain James Cook no longer cuts it 

Endeavour by Peter Moore review – the ship that changed the world 

The man who mapped NZ: Who was he and was he eaten by cannibals? 

Time for a shiny new look for Captain Cook 

How well do you know your Captain James Cook history? 

The Pacific: In the Wake of Captain Cook with Sam Neill 

Europe's largest Pacific art show about to open in London 


He rae ki te rae, he ihu ki te ihu,
Te hau ka rere, te ha ka tau

A meeting of peoples, a mixing of cultures,
a blending of heritage, a sharing of future