Further reading

Here are some titles to look out for (Trade me) etc, or in libraries. 

J C Beaglehole, ‘The Life of Capt James Cook’ –(Black) 
The foremost world authority. 
A C & N C Begg, ‘James Cook and New Zealand’ 
Govt commissioned(1962)– very good coverage of Mercury Bay. 
A H and A W Reed,‘Capt Cook in NZ – The Journals’ 
There are many versions of Cook’s and Bank’s Journals including Penguin editions. This is just one such. 
G Lay,‘A Guide to Capt James Cook’s NZ’ 
Small, low cost but excellent book, available at Museum, historically very accurate by highly respected NZ authority  
Anthony Cornish,’The Voyages of Capt Cook’  
Small, beautifully presented, accurate and excellent reference. 
J Riddle, ‘Saltspray & Sawdust’
Local Mercury Bay history but with many references from several authoritative Cook books such as Beaglehole, The Journals, etc and canbe relied on. 
P Monin,‘Hauraki Contested’- also recommended  
A book which everyone in the Coromandel should read – great detail of Hauraki Maori before and after the ‘Cook arrival’. Mercury Bay library keeps a copy, plus various other good books and documents about Cook. 

There are apparently more books available on Cook’s voyages than almost any other title in the world!These ones above, plus those coming from Richard Gates (Ann Salmond etc ) will satisfy almost all inquiries. The Captain Cook Society website is also a good source of other information.  


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