On to Waitangi

The arrival in Aotearoa New Zealand of Lieutenant James Cook in the Endeavour, placed New Zealand on the world map both literally and figuratively. As word spread following Cook’s charting  of this “new” land on the other side of the world, the earliest European settlers – apart from a few scattered  whalers, seal hunters and timber traders – were mainly British missionaries (Church of England and Wesleyan) followed by French Roman Catholics and traders.  In the 1820s and 30s British and American whalers established a thriving business at Kororareka in the Bay of Islands (later renamed Russell) which became for a time the biggest whaling port in the…

He rae ki te rae, he ihu ki te ihu,
Te hau ka rere, te ha ka tau

A meeting of peoples, a mixing of cultures,
a blending of heritage, a sharing of future